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Esport betting site – is a gambling establishment, which accepts bets for eSports outcomes. The betting site or bookmaker assesses the chance of a particular outcome of an event and for each of the possible outcomes sets the odds – a numerical value by which the bet is multiplied in the event of success. 

The main focus of most bookmakers – receiving bets on sporting events. The number of sports offered for betting may be up to 30 and include not only the popular soccer, tennis, basketball and hockey, but also something more “exotic” like golf, darts and cricket. Betting on sports is not limited to all: some bookmakers offer to guess the outcome of significant events, including the world of politics and culture.

There are eSports betting sites as well that focus on taking bets in eSports. On such sites you will find more types of bets ( markets ) and events on which you can bet on eSports!

Which type of bets are offered by eSports betting sites

In order to win in a betting site, it is required to bet on any of the proposed results, which in the end turns out to be correct – win.
Betting sites companies offer a variety of results of events and a large variety of types of bets. For example, in Counter Strike Global Offensive games you can bet on the victory of a particular team (outcome bets), on the total number of kills in the match or on the number of rounds played in the game, on the kill difference (handicap bets). Totals of kills per player, games and kills made with the headshot, you should also take to place here another eSports games as Dota 2, Fortnite, PUBG, Heroes of the Storm.

In addition, in such places you can bet on a particular event as before the game (pre-match) and during the game (live betting). If you are going to bet in live betting, the speed of decision-making is very important, because the odds will change during the game, depending on the current situation of the teams or players.

The sum of all types of bets, odds and tournaments with all outcomes is called a betting line.

What is – odds?

Betting sites set a rate to each particular outcome on the website, which determines the expected winnings.

The amount of payout, which the player will receive from the betting site in case of winning a bet, is easy to determine: just multiply the amount bet by the coefficient.

Note that the amount of payout and profit are not the same thing! To determine the profit, you need to subtract amount of your bet from the payout, so we get the amount of net profit, which our bet generated

For example, for the Na`Vi – Fnatic match eSport betting site will give you those odds: 1.40 – 3.44 – 6.35 (Na`Vi win, draw and Fnatic win respectively). If we bet $100 on Na`Vi, the potential profit is $40 ($100 x 1.40 – $100 = $40).

A betting odds not only shows the potential payout to the player: it also expresses the perceived probability of a particular outcome of an event. The lower the odds assigned to an outcome, the higher the probability, according to the betting site estimation, that the outcome has. So, in the above example of Na`Vi vs Fnatic, we see that due to the lower odds Na`Vi has a better chance of winning. It should be understood that the odds are the betting sites estimation, an opinion that does not always coincide with reality.

Bookmaker odds can be recorded in different formats depending on the country in which the bookmaker’s office operates. In Europe countries the decimal format of odds recording is adopted.

Esport betting bonus

Often betting sites operating on the Internet (online betting sites) encourage their customers with various bonus offers. Most often these are bonuses on the first deposit (welcome bonuses) or bonuses for free bets. 

Please note: Before you accept the bonus from the betting site, you must read the terms and conditions carefully!

In most cases getting a cash bonus “in hand” is possible only after placing a certain amount of bets ( rollover ). How does it work?

Let’s say, for a deposit of $10 or more, the bookmaker promises the player a bonus of 100% of the deposit amount, that is, an extra $10 to the account. However, the terms of the promotion require to wager this bonus, for example, five times from the deposited amount. This means that before the bonus money can be withdrawn, at least $50 must be placed on bets. Some of the betting sites can also offer bonus with same wager, but from Deposit + Bonus, so this mean that you should wager Deposit 10$ + Bonus 10$ = 20$ * 5 times, so 100$ must be placed on odds before withdrawal.

In the case of the free bet bonus, the bookmaker credits the player’s account with a certain amount of “virtual” money. The only way to use this amount is to place it on bets. Again, it is worth paying attention to the conditions of the promotion: the free bet may have its own requirements! If the free bet wins, the player receives only the net profit from the bet, the free bet amount itself is not converted into real money. As a rule, this profit is immediately available for withdrawal, but sometimes it also requires wagering.

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Where should you complain in case of a dispute/conflict with the betting site

Every bookmaker’s office must have its own customer service, which you can turn to if you have any questions or disagree with the company’s actions.

If you have played on the website of any eSport betting site which is listed on our website, but have not been able to solve the problem with the support service, you can turn to our website for help. In the presented rating of legal betting companies

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