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  • High quality brand with live Twitch streaming service.
  • Leading esports titles with enormous selection of markets and great odds.
  • Regulated and fully licensed brand with great variety of payment solutions
  • Live betting - cashout
  • No major disadvantages were found.
  • Weak support

An Introduction to GG.bet

When you’re looking for a place to put down a couple of wagers on your favourite esports titles, then GG.bet is one of the ones that you can stand by. The site was launched back in 2016 and offers a wide range of esports betting options as well as titles.

GG Bet is a site that has been developed by esports enthusiasts and professionals and want to create an intuitive and convenient platform for betting across the world. It’s safe to say that the site is well on its way as it allows players to head to the site, choose their games and teams and place their bets. It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but also has a lot of depth to it at the same time.

GG Bet likes to boast that it has a fast and transparent cash out process and has a fantastic mobile version of the site that works on almost any device. They also support a wide variety of payment options including a number of different options, and appear to support cryptocurrency too.

They are owned by Brivio Limited, based and registered in the Republic of Cyprus, with licensing for their company name, Invicta Networks. They have licensing in Curacao and currently don’t accept any bettors from US and the UK.

Fox Betting puts its team of experts to the test by diving deep into the world of online betting and casino history for specific sites, and this one is no different. We watch esports competitions, bet on the big and small ones, support favourite teams, players and so much more. We spend our own money on betting, so we ensure that the sites we bet on are above board and have our own best interests at heart.

We go into great depth on betting sites, looking into their payment options, betting options, other casino offers, promotions, bonuses and customer support. We dig deep, review the sites and give completely open and honest feedback about our findings. Once you’ve finished with this review that we’ve written at Fox Betting, you should have all the information you need to decide whether or not GG.bet is for you.

Creating an Account at GG.bet

Creating a site is rather easy and straight forward, as long as you’re not from the US or the UK. Heading to the site, you’ll be met with a nice contrast of deep ocean blue and orange, the sites two primary colours. In the top right of the home page, you’ll be met with a Sign-Up button where you can register.

Before you’ve even hit the button though, you’ll see a bunch of the bets that are available to you, which games are there, as well as the odds, current bets, and on popular tournaments, the live streams that you can watch from the betting window. Don’t let the page fool you into thinking that the games they have on the front pages are the only ones though, because they do have quite an extensive list. Something that we’ll cover later on in this review.

Just a click of a button brings a pop-up menu right to you, allowing you to sign up either through social networks, or by making an account. You’ll need to choose your username, password and currency. You’ll also need to put in your email address and confirm that you are 18 years or older. They do suggest reading the common rules, betting rules and privacy policy page too.


Once you’ve signed up and registered, you’ll receive an email confirmation where you’ll need to confirm your account. The confirmed account allows you to protect your account, lets you claim all the bonuses on offer at the site and lets you be amongst the first to learn about new promotions and features on the site.

Login Through Social Media on GG Bet

Getting back to the social networks section though, GG Bet does have the classic social networks listed such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+, but it also has Steam. Steam is the largest games digital distribution service on the planet, launched by Valve, a company that has its fingers in many esports pies.

Oftentimes logging in through social media is far easier than making account, not just because it links all of your personal information at once, but also because it saves you time putting in details of registration when signing up. The added bonus of them allowing Steam logins is something that will appeal to many avid esports viewers and gamers the world over, and we think it’s a really smart move.

GG.BET Payment Methods

Something that we absolutely loved about GG.bet and the payment options they offer is that there are simply so many of them to choose from, you’ll never be left in the dark when looking for your next withdrawal. The deposit and withdrawal methods are really popular options and allow players to deposit quickly, and they tend to put a focus on quick withdrawal too.

If you happen to be in one of the countries and areas where GG bet is allowed, then you’ll be pleased to know that they offer plenty of banking options. Players are able to use standard credit and debit cards such as MasterCard and Visa, ewallets, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency and many more. You’ll even find such deposit methods like SoFort, Jeton and CashtoCode too. GG Bet does accept cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin which is a big help for anyone wanting to stay anonymous.

Here is a list of some of the accepted payment options:

What’s more, is that GG bet does allow for a number of different currencies in order to diversify their acceptable range of payments. As long as you’re depositing in a country that isn’t restricted, you’ll be able to use a vast number of currencies.

Here is a list of currencies accepted at GG Bet:

  • EUR
  • USD
  • RUB
  • BRL
  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CNY
  • NOK
  • SEK
  • JPY
  • BTC

GG Bet has a unique and rather interesting withdrawal technique where they allow withdrawals up to a certain amount to be processed the next business day. This is assuming that you have had your identity first identified and have uploaded the documents needed.

GG.bet Bonus & Offers

One place where GG Bet excels is in its bonus and promotion offerings. Most of the time, you’ll find something new here, perhaps every few weeks or every month, there’ll be new promotions on offer. The bonuses though, are always directed at gamers looking to place bets on esports, and are thoroughly rewarding whenever they are claimed.

GG Bet Promotion Information

  • First deposit bonus 100% up to 100 EUR

The first bonus we discussed must be the Be A Legend bonus. It’s sorts of like a welcome bonus, but comes to the user as four different bonuses accompanied with four deposits. Each of them will run through specific times in the week and will add up at the end of the day. You can receive up to $660 in bonuses that will get added to your account to start our online betting journey. To qualify, you’ll need to place bets at odds of 1.75 or over.

If you happen to take a break from betting, you can head over to the Month of Gaming Bonuses on offer at the casino. These differ on a daily bonus and will range from anything to 100% matched deposit bonus, to free spins on new slots, or even 50% live dealer casino bonus deposits. If you’re in the market for all types of online gambling and casino action, then it’s best to keep an eye out here for when you’d like to make a transition into the casino.

If you happen to activate your profile during the month, you’ll get 50 free spins on the Drive Multiplier Mayhem game, as long as you deposit a total of $50 in three successive deposits. The 50 free spins will be handed out to you as you make the deposits and come with x30 time wagering requirements that need to be completed within 10 days of the spins being awarded.

Finally, the deposit bonus and cashback award works really well for people looking to bet on esports. Once you’ve activated the bonus by depositing at least $15, you receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $90 and place ordinary bets of 1.75 odds or better to the value of $5 each. If you happen to lose on any of these bets during the promotional period, you’ll earn 10% cash back, up to $70.

It’s always important to keep your eyes on the bonus and promotions at GG Bet as they are changing quite often. Each and every time, we find that the promotions offered are better than the last, so they are rather exciting to be a part of.

GG.bet games & odds selection

GG.bet Wide Options of Esports

Whether you’re a serious esports bettor or not, it’s plain to see that GG Bet offers a really exceptional range of esports to bet on. The front page is often populated with the most exciting games that are currently ongoing right now, but the variety of games on offer is just mind-blowing.

Aside from the classics such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, Dota 2, Rocket League, Overwatch, StarCraft 2 and Call of Duty, you’ll also get to place bets on mobile games, and niche games too.

There is an impressive selection of games on which to bet, and should you not be able to choose from having such a wide variety, be sure to check out which games are live where you can do in-play bets, giving you better odds and adding to the excitement.

If you happen to be a fan of games like World of Tanks, Vainglory, NBA, Halo, Hearthstone, Smite or Heroes of Storm, then you’ll be able to play here too. That’s right, just because the game isn’t listed on the front page, doesn’t mean that GG Bet doesn’t support it. In fact, it has one of the most extensive games selections that we’ve seen at an esports betting site. So, if variety is what you’re after, this is definitely the right place to be.


If you happen to be a fan of games like World of Tanks, Vainglory, NBA, Halo, Hearthstone, Smite or Heroes of Storm, then you’ll be able to play here too. That’s right, just because the game isn’t listed on the front page, doesn’t mean that GG Bet doesn’t support it. In fact, it has one of the most extensive games selections that we’ve seen at an esports betting site. So, if variety is what you’re after, this is definitely the right place to be.

There is a rather competitive selection of odds that you can pick from on GG bet across the entire board of offering in esports. There aren’t actually many out there that will be able to offer you better odds.

Some of the best odds are written up on the more niche bets when you expand different matches. Seeing the odds on something like a First Blood in Dota 2 is far more exciting than a regular bet purely because the odds are quite good.

Markets Selection

The site sorted by the next upcoming games and has the most popular bets on the front page. You’ll see winners, 1st map at half time and 1st map at full time for CS, while Dota will have the winner on the front page only. From there, you can click through to the different bets and experience a whole new world of odds to select from.

Each game on the list has a number of different markets that you can bet on. Expanding into something like Dota 2 can show you different winners, maps, handicaps, matches won, couriers killed or first blood kills. League of Legends will show you similar markets to bet on too, most of the things you can account for in a MOBA game actually.

Some games like Overwatch and PUBG will only display winners and losers, but once you move into more intricate betting like CS:GO, you’ll see offers of bets on things such as knife kills, map wins, aces, round scores and more.

GG Bet Odds Margin

A margin is where the site breaks up the outcomes of a bet using a points margin. Sports betting sites will calculate the betting margins using a complex calculation dividing 1 by decimal odds and then multiplying by 100. Every single bet that you see and make will have a betting margin.

If a single one on one bet is showing a margin of 1.25 for Team A, with the other showing 2.5 on Team B, it means that Team B has better odds as they are the underdogs. This means that the sports betting market doesn’t expect the team to win over their opponents. It means that if you place just one USD on a bet on Team B, you’ll get the amount in odds back, plus your additional wager.

The trick to understanding a betting margin then, is to ensure that you’re able to place a bet on something that could be considered an upset, thus getting you more money back.

Player Protection and Responsible Gaming

Players will need to be protected when playing at an online casino or sports betting site. GG Bet is no stranger to looking after their users because they offer HTTPS security on their website. Since they run a responsive website and don’t bother with apps, that kind of security will extend towards their mobile users too.

GG Bet will always promote safe and responsible gambling and is a member of eCOGRA. Being a member proves that your site has been independently audited for payout percentages, meaning that the casino won’t be cheating its customers. This mainly applies to the casino side of things and extends throughout their table games and video poker too.

Licensing, Security and Fairness

Operated and run by Brivio Limited, GG Bet runs under a registered company in the Republic of Cyprus, where it houses its principal place of business. It has a license from the Curacao Egaming authority, meaning that they are a legally licensed casino and sports betting site.

These licenses and registrations do mean a lot since the site is online. There is no telling how quickly a site might appear and disappear with your deposits or winnings, so a system needs to be in place to ensure that users are looked after. With the appropriate licensing from the correct authorities, there’s no doubt that GG Bet is one of the good ones.

They practice safe and responsible gambling, have a trustworthy RNG system and are known for paying out their winnings to customers.

Website UX/UI

GG Bet has a great layout and is esports themed with game-related colours and images of really slick games and lists of characters that you might recognise.

gg-bet-website layout

All of the games that are currently live are listed by popularity on the left-hand side of the page with a number next to them. These are the number of games that are currently on at the moment that people are able to bet on. Once you go into a particular game, you’ll see a list of the games being played and be able to choose one.

Expanding each game has a live score section on the right, with a streaming window on the left, where you’re able to watch the game being played live. All you need to do is click on which team you want to win, or click on the odds you select, and it’ll add it to a betting slip on the right-hand side of the screen.

When you’ve picked all the games that you want to bet on and are satisfied with your picks, you can checkout and pay for your picks. Then the waiting game begins.

Occupying the same space as the betting slip through a different tab is the promo button which lists the promotional offers on the site. These will tell you what you can get and what’s on offer at the site for the week, or month, allowing you to capitalize on your deposits.

Customer Support

Customer support is just as important to GG Bet as it is to its customers. They have a very knowledgeable team that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that is contactable through their chat program. They answer promptly and with a friendly tone of voice.

Not only do they have live customer support through chat, but they also have a phone line where you can contact someone and speak to another person, and an email address that serves as a contact point too. While we didn’t test the phone line, the email support only took a few hours to respond to us.

Phone:+44 203 769 19 62


After our assessment of the site, we found that GG Bet is a great place to play. The site is relatively easy to use and they have plenty of games to bet on, with some really good markets and betting odds. Putting money into your account, as well as withdrawing it, is very easy since they have so many deposit and withdrawal methods available.

It’s interesting that they allow you to login through Steam and other social media networks. It’s a positive move, in our opinion, because it encourages people to use the functions without the hassle of signing up for a whole new account.

The site is completely regulated and licensed and offers some really nice promotions for the sports betting side of it, as well as the casino side. There’s embedded streaming inside each of the betting matches (where available), and has some really good customer support. We received answers to our questions within a minute, and the staff was very professional and friendly. Overall, GG Bet is a fine choice to make and one that we would make again.


đź“Ś Does GG Bet accept crypto currecny

Yes, GG Bet does accept cryptocurrency. For now, though, they only accept it in the form of Bitcoin, but do allow it for both deposits and withdrawals. The nice thing about betting in crypto is that the money can be processed a lot quicker than a traditional bank once it has been cleared by the sports betting site.

đź“Ś Deos GG Bet provides option to bet with skins from Steam?

Since GG Bet makes use of Skinpay, you’re able to fund your account through Steam using skins from games like CS:GO. Now, these will be valued at a lower amount than what you would usually expect, but you’re able to bet and play using skins.

đź“Ś Which wagering GG Bet has?

There are always different types of wagering on all betting sites. For example wagering with bonus or without of bonus are always different. To wager bonus GG bet provides option to bet your stakes on 1.75+

đź“ŚWhat is minimal and maximal bet on GG Bet?

The maximum amount of winnings per bet that you can receive at GG Bet is 50,000 USD or equivalent in user’s currency. You can’t win any more than that on a single bet, and it does not depend on the odds or the total possible winnings. The smallest and minimum bet that you can make on all events and sports betting is 0.5 Euro or equivalent.

đź“Ś Is GG Bet legit?

We have found that GG.bet is a great place to play. The site has mixed reports across the communities, but it has nothing to be ashamed of and should serve most players as a great place to gamble and bet.

4.3 rating

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