Deep review of Counter Strike: Global Offensive Ranks

We have analized deeply, how to rank better in CS:GO, how to improve and what to do in the game to achieve better rankings

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When you are a newbie, the ranks of Counter Strike Global Offensive are difficult to achieve. In the game, there is not much clarity given to help find out how to get started with CS: GO ranks. CS:GO has continued to develop since going as a free game, and entering the ranks of battle royale games with Danger Zone, now hyping a concurrent player count of more than one million during peak hours. It means many new players are learning CS: GO and trying to adapt to one of the least humane online games of all time. We figured you could use a helping hand with 18 ranks, a long path to get ranked, and then the never-ending tasks of improving your rank lying ahead of you. Here is a rundown of the ranking system of CS: GO.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Ranks

Finding teammates and rivals with the same level of play is one of the main issues in past Counter-Strike games. To tackle this issue, the CS: GO ranking system was developed. It helps players to make their matches more manageable, longer, more exciting, and the rivalry between teams becomes an intense battle. You will find out all the details about CS: GO ranks and the ranking system in this article, how to start your way of matchmaking, and easy but convincing pieces of advice to achieve success. The 18 CS: GO ranks are as follows:

  1. Silver I (S-I)
  2. Silver II (S-II)
  3. Silver III (S-III)
  4. Silver IV (S-IV)
  5. Silver Elite (SE)
  6. Silver Elite Master (SEM)
  7. Gold Nova I (GN-I)
  8. Gold Nova II (GN-II)
  9. Gold Nova III (GN-III)
  10. Gold Nova Master (GNM)
  11. Master Guardian I (MG-I)
  12. Master Guardian II (MG-II)
  13. Master Guardian Elite (MGE)
  14. Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG)
  15. Legendary Eagle (LE)
  16. Legendary Eagle Master (LEM)
  17. Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)
  18. The Global Elite (GE)

In CS: GO, Silver I is the very lowest rank you can reach, while in competitive Counter-Strike, the Global Elite rank is reserved for the very best players. As you can see, Silver and Gold are the main ranking clusters, meaning you have to be skilled to hit the higher ranks, such as Master Guardian and Legendary Eagle. 

The average rank is Gold Nova III. It ranges from a percentile of 50.33 to 59.06. As Gold Nova Master nearly hits the 70 percentile, high-end Gold players deserve more respect. In order to get categorized in CS: GO, you will need to win ten matches and although you are not graded, you will be tossed into games with a huge mix of skill levels. This is very daunting, but it is important for the game to find out which rank you belong to. The only real way to rank faster is to practice your target and learn CS: GO map callouts.

Silver I to Silver Elite Master

If you are on this rank, then you are still new to the game. Your aim is not good at all, and you do not know how the game works. You have no awareness of the game, and you are unaware of the map. If all of that is true, then climbing through Silver ranks is quite easy. You do not have to do anything extraordinary but train for 30-60 minutes a day. You can improve your game on so many available servers. Also, you can go for headshot only FFA servers. It would help you get better. If you do this for 7 days straight, your aim will improve drastically. Eventually, your rank will go higher, and you will get out of the Silver category soon enough. Once you reach the Gold Nova stage, a couple more aspects will be added to your game.

Gold Nova I to Master Guardian Elite

Now, you might have a decent number of hours on your board. Nonetheless, alongside individual talent and objective, you simply need to add a few more aspects to level up your game. Let us be frank here, you will not have any sense of the game because that comes with practice. By using your radar/map, though, you can compensate. Exploit your opponents’ vulnerabilities, properly position your crosshair, and learn how to throw a few big clouds of smoke, and Molotov on each map. There is an explanation of why almost 30 percent of the overall player base in these ranks is trapped. If you are the Shroud, your target will not get you through these ranks. 


These are the ranks where things get competitive. You will meet several players who are individually insanely talented, but when it comes to movement, positioning, and overall, game sense, they are missing. Here, the experience is a major factor. Players that have piled up about 2k-3k hours would have an advantage of about 1k hours against newcomers. You know several distinct nade line-ups at this level, your crosshair placement is on target, but you are not consistent. You have to train harder to be reliable. Put a lot of work into practice, and you will finally climb up the ranking system of CS GO.

Supreme Master First Class and The Global Elite

About these ranks, there is not much to say. There are no variations here, as a Supreme can easily trash a Global Elite player. You have reached the top of the mountain, and I would highly suggest that you move to either FACEIT or ESEA, as this is where the world’s best CS GO players compete.

How to get better rank in CS GO?

The ultimate question asked by so many players how to rank up in CS: GO? If you wish to climb CS: GO ranks quick, there are two pieces of advice you should always remember. Pay some exceptional devotion to refining these aspects while playing:

  • Kill more enemies than before whenever you play.
  • Make you hits count. Aim accurately.
  • Play with the teammates who are as good as you are.
  • Do not play with newbies; it will harm your team performance.
  • Make sure more number of enemies die.
  • Struggle to win all the matches in which you take part.
  • Keep your mind focused and try to play the game with all your might.
  • Analyze the levels of both your opponents and teammates.
  • Use settings and configurations of top players while playing the game.
  • Watch how pro players play the game and try to learn their strategies.
  • The experience they share is the key to improve your skills.

Look for teammates. It is as easy as that. Do not play with four random players. If you are playing as a team, you can do more. Your communication is going to be on track; you will conduct and help each other. Overall, when it is played with individuals who are able to interact, the game is so much simpler and healthier. One of the most successful multiplayer online shooters in the history of the genre can rightly be named Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO. This includes millions of fans around the world, both professional players and amateurs who just want to have fun shooting. To achieve higher ranks you should follow eSport scene, and watch how pro players are playing the game. How they use their strategy. Then learn those strategies and apply them in your game play. They share their experience and this is key to improve your skill level. Besides, you should aim, move together and play more.

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