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Esports Betting: In-Depth CS:GO Betting Guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter video games ever. CS:GO recorded incredible growth in the number of players on Steam since 2012 — and the digits are still growing. So, it goes without saying that this game is also one of the most bet on esports.

If you are ready to start your CS:GO gambling adventure, all you need is this guide. You will get a chance to learn how to choose the right betting site since it is the most important part of wagering. But, you will get tons of other valuable information concerning bet types, do’s and dont’s and more!

Stay tuned to learn everything about wagering on this game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

Why You Should Bet on CS:GO

Talking about the game itself, this FPS has 20 million monthly active users. If you are one of them, you probably know how it can give you the adrenaline rush. Playing this game is engaging, exciting, thought-provoking and fun. So is betting on CS:GO. With such a huge players’ base, this game is bound to be a thriving and lucrative esports market.

Top 5 eSport games by prize pool

The organizers of CS:GO competitions have the tickets sold out constantly. Moreover, prize-pools can go over the amount of a million dollars. Especially for major events such as CS:GO Major Championship! This is why betting on your favourite team or player can be profitable.

Also, finding an esports event for gambling is easy since many esports tournaments you can opt for. Esports gambling charts are filled with various CS:GO events played by very skilled players.

Counter-Strike wagering is quite unpredictable — and that is the best part of the whole experience. This esports market is far from static, and the charts are filled with great players. However, all of them have an equal chance of winning. A game could head in a certain direction, but suddenly the tables can turn.

Betting on such a game online gives the wagerers plenty of opportunities. Most sportsbooks offer a great range of CS:GO wagering markets to their users. In case you would like to learn more about it, check out our best csgo betting sites page.

Lastly, if the bookmaker has a live streaming option, you can watch the game. Most online sportsbooks offer this option. The video is usually located next to your slip. Watching the game and how your slip progresses on different free-to-watch platforms is also available.

How to Become Good at Betting on CS:GO?

Punters will have a myriad of options when gambling and following the esports scene. Plenty of tournaments, skillful players and esports news are just some parts of CS:GO gambling. This is why, following this particular esport scene and meta is so important.

Esport Tournaments

When it comes to CS:GO, there are various leagues and tournaments you can choose from. Starting with S-Tier tournaments or the Premier tournaments. These competitions have a huge prize pool, and they are often played offline. Some of the best teams from all across the globe participate in Premier tournaments.

Wagerers who want to invest more and expect to get huge wins should opt for S-Tier tournaments. Take a look:

  • ESL
  • DH Masters
  • ESEA
  • IEM

Then, there are A-Tier Tournaments or Major tournaments. These events have big prize pools and also top-tier team playing. Some of the most popular A-Tier tournaments are CS:GO Minor Championship and Regional Major Ranking. They are also qualifiers for Major Championships.

The next is B-Tier Tournaments with smaller local area network events and large online events. The teams playing in these events are the best Tier2 teams. Highlighted tournaments for this tier are Regional Major Ranking events. Additionally, these events are a qualifier for the CS:GO Major Championships.

Lastly, C-Tier Tournaments or Minor tournaments are the lowest-ranked events. These tournaments are almost always played online. Moreover, there will be no top teams playing in this league.

Pro Players Streams

Watching the Pro players stream can help you upgrade your gambling skill. There are plenty of free streaming platforms where you can watch some of the Tier 1 teams and players. Learning about the habits of players or teams can be quite useful for the strategy. It will help you develop your brainstorming skill, which will help you analyze your pre-match betting. For example, if you remember which map suits which player, you will be able to predict the game’s outcome easier.

Gamers are sharing their experience with you while streaming. And they often provide some PRO tips about the game itself. You could spot or hear something that might affect your decision. For instance, a player might be distracted by another game or on vacation, meaning he didn’t put all his efforts into practising for the game.

Focus on following top tier teams if you want to place wagers on esports markets that can bring you greater winnings. Watching players who usually participate in Majors will help you become a more experienced punter. Step up your wagering game and keep the top-tiered teams on your radar as well.

Since placing wagers on esports such as CS:GO is demanding and asks for attentiveness, you should start by watching Pro players stream. This way, you will learn more and know what to expect when the game starts.

Esport News

Thinking of starting to build your wagering strategy? Apart from a lot of analysis, gambling knowledge and luck, you will also need to follow the esports news. Nobody knows what kind of valuable information you can pick up when following CS:GO news. These could be the news concerning certain teams, players or even game updates.

This kind of esports market will regularly go through different changes, and you need to know all about it. Stay informed by following top-tiered players, tournament organizers, and esport sponsors. Following esports news is one more of the Counter-Strike gambling essentials you need to know of.

Learn the Basics of Wagering

Most Counter-Strike wagerers chose one of the most popular types of bets for this export market — straight wins. Placing wagers on which teams will win the game is also one of the favoured types among the sportsbooks. If you are new to esports, you should know that there are other options.

With tons of gaming markets available, wagerers can opt for the option that works best for them. However, if you don’t have that much experience, you will need to learn all about the different CS:GO wager types. This way, you will know which one is convenient in certain situations.

CSGO Betting Markets

In the sea of different markets, there are a few markets favoured by punters and sportsbooks. Carefully go through the next section and soak in all the necessary information about different bet types.

  • Match Winner
  • Correct Score
  • Draw No Bet
  • Pistol Round Winner
  • Handicaps

Matchwinner is the most simple one. Once you choose the game you like, you will have to predict which one of the two teams will win. Now, with enough wagering experience, CS:GO knowledge and a tiny bit of a hunch, you can win big. Similar to this is the tournament winner bet.

The correct score might be the trickiest of all of the above-listed wager types. You will practically need to predict the correct score the game will end up in. As fun as this might sound, this is the wager with the lowest success score. Since CS:GO is such a complex and uncertain game, the score tends to change rapidly and suddenly.

With draw no bet, the option of a draw is removed. This type is becoming more and more popular among savvy punters. In case you opted for this type, and your selection is successful, you will win. Nevertheless, if the game ends in a draw, your stakes will be returned, and you won’t lose nor win.

Pistol round winner is pretty straightforward. You will be placing a wager on the team who you think will score the first kill in the Knife Round. With handicap wagers, you will be placing a wager that the team with the handicap advantage/disadvantage wins.

CS:GO Live Betting

CS:GO live betting is one of the most demanded esports markets out there. Wagerers who love to improvise and think quickly love it as it has tons of gambling benefits. Although not every online sportsbook offers this service, it is still one of the most wagered-on online CS:GO markets. The unique gambling experience is what keeps all the punters hooked.

To dive into some in-game wagering, you will first have to choose an online operator. Finding the right sportsbook is extremely important, especially when betting live. Once you find your favourite among the sportsbooks, check the CS:GO live schedule and tune in to place some big ones. Even if the winnings are often low, a great opportunity for big cash appears from time to time.

One of the main benefits of this esport market is the ability to adjust your slip. If you think the game is heading in a certain direction, you can easily change your initial prediction. Keep in mind that this type of wagering asks for a lot of experience and skill. Making live bets is easier when you know how a team and its players perform.

What you should watch out for is a poor internet connection. To follow all the moves, events, mistakes and hunt for a winning opportunity, you will need a steady internet connection. No lags and the fluent stream is what you need to have if you hope to win something.


Not to forget, where there is live gambling, there are cash-outs. The cash-out option is one of the top benefits of this type of wagers. Online sportsbooks that offer live wagering should offer cash-out as well. With it, the wagerers can regain their funds before the game has ended. The amount of money you can get back depends on odds, the chance of your slip winning, and other factors.

CSGO Bonuses and Promotions

If you have ever had a chance to gamble online, then you know the benefits of bonuses and promotions. Every top-rated sportsbook offers welcome bonuses to help new punters start the wagering journey. The same goes for CS:GO wagering. Finding a perfect online bookmaker is crucial if you are hunting for generous bonuses.

Counter strike punters should look for exclusive CS:GO promotions that give you tons of perks. Newcomers can usually get some free bets to try certain esports market. Analyzing a new online operator, their odds and markets can be time and money consuming. However, with good CS:GO bonuses, the process will be more affordable.

Nowadays, welcome promotions of exclusive event promotions are common. When a sportsbook is focused on esports markets, there is a high probability that they will offer corresponding offers. The biggest difference amongst the brands is promo terms and conditions. These can vary significantly, so make sure to read them carefully.

Users who want to be eligible for this kind of promotion should pay attention to these requirements. One of the most important T&C is the rollover or wagering requirement. A wagering requirement is a multiplier for the number of times users need to play through a bonus. Once this is realized, the user will be able to withdraw the winnings.

For example, if a CS:GO welcome offer has a 10x wagering requirement, this means that you will have to play through the deposited amount. Moreover, some operators have fixed rollover requirements. For these promos, you will have to wager the indicated sum to be able to withdraw. Lastly, even if it is rare, some sportsbooks offer bonuses without any requirement.

Top Tips for Betting on CS:GO

Are you ready for more tips for wagering on Counter-Strike Global Offensive? Discover some of the most common rookie mistakes and how you can become a greater bettor today. Check out these useful tips for CS:GO punters:

  • Choose only the top-rated licensed sportsbooks
  • Opt for generous bonuses that are withdrawable
  • Only gamble on Major esport events
  • Research every game in advance
  • Play CS GO

Top-Rated and Licensed Sportsbooks for CS GO betting

Bettor’s experience will greatly depend on the sportsbook you choose. This is why it is so important to find the best possible online operator. An outstanding brand will offer great odds, a range of different CS:GO markets and the best promos. Make sure to evaluate a brand carefully and go through all the pros and cons before deciding.

Our recommendations for the best betting site with CS GO odds
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Since there are different websites out there, you should remember not to follow only layout style or your native language availability. Understanding all of it might be hard, which is why we suggest following our guide for picking from the best cs go betting sites page.

Apart from premium features, top-rated online sportsbooks offer security to their users. Finding a good online wagering platform that is licensed and trustworthy is essential for gambling. There are many unreliable scam sites you can bump into, and giving them your personal details is too big of a risk. If you are not sure how to choose your next operator, you can read more on our guide how to choose eSport betting site.

Generous Withdrawable Bonuses

As already mentioned in this CS GO betting guide, bonuses and promotions can be really helpful for new punters. And with the competition growing, online sportsbooks will do their best to give you incredible and attractive bonuses. Also, top-class bookmakers will have exceptional odds and even bonuses you can withdraw. Choosing the brand with withdrawable and generous bonuses can completely change your betting experience.

There are different promo offers and bonuses such as no deposit, matched deposit, free bet, cash signup, and even money back bonus. Learning what kind of promo works best for you will help you find an appropriate sportsbook. And, don’t forget to check all the terms and conditions carefully, as you can risk your promo eligibility by not adhering to these T&Cs. Online sportsbooks might try to confuse you with the T&C and save money by refusing you the bonus.

Gamble on Major Events

Wagering on major CS:GO esports events can bring you greater winnings than lower-tiered ones. Sure, if you are an experienced punter and follow the esports scene, you might find a great opportunity at these tournaments. However, the prize pools for Counter-Strike Global Offensive major events are way bigger, making betting on such events more lucrative.

Placing bets on tier2 tournaments and competition can be pointless and troublesome sometimes. With fewer funds in the prize pool, players find it hard to stay motivated at times. Without motivation and focus, the game soon starts to lose its charm. This is why some of these gamers tend to go 322 and throw the game on purpose.

Research Every Game in Advance

The essence of wagering on esports or any other sport lies in research. Crafting a perfect wagering strategy means that you will probably have to spend hours researching the game in advance. Some of the aspects you should focus on our players and their experience, teams, recent updates, and the odds. Being close to a big win asks for a lot of work, which is why you need to take into consideration all of these aspects and then make your predictions.

Speaking about players and teams, what you should focus on are their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you will be able to evaluate both teams and figure out what the chances are. If there is a chance that some particular factor can affect the outcome, make sure to use it to your own advantage.

Recent updates can affect the performance of players and whole teams, for that matter. Some gamers cannot adjust that quickly, so such big changes before an esport event can change the game’s course.

Play CS GO

Wagerers need to be aware of the fact that their betting skills and playing skills are different areas to learn. Yes, you can be a great wagerer without spending one minute playing Counter. Yet, if you start playing and analyzing the game whilst having fun, you will level up your betting skill faster. Being a gamer allows you to figure out how probable certain outcomes can be. Knowing all the features and elements of the game will give your wagering strategy the boost it needed.

Things That Will Make You Lose

Some things might cost you your potential winnings when betting on CS:GO. These rookie mistakes you can make is something you should avoid when gambling. Apart from them affecting your betting experience, these can also leave you with an empty pocket:

● Following scam tipsters
● Foul play on online sportsbooks platforms
● Wagering on a favourite without any valid reason
● Hasty decisions and raging
● Placing all you have on a single bet

Make sure to avoid all of the above-mentioned rookie mistakes if you want to win. Not only that they will bring you no winnings, but some of these can also get you in big trouble.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we hope that you managed to find all the info from our CS GO betting guide useful. Hopefully, this will help you learn how to place bets on Counter-Strike Global Offensive and win big. Start by finding the best betting site remains as it is one of the most important betting aspects you should focus on.

How to start betting on CS:GO? 5 Easy steps

  1. Find the best betting site for CSGO

    You can find it in our section of best betting sites

  2. Grab a generous first deposit bonus

    Welcome bonus will decide amounts of your first winnings on the betting site. We advice to pick welcome bonus to bet with very carefully, as betting sites hiding terms and trying to cheat on you once you win something. You don’t need to read and research bonus by yourself. We already did this, just get a tea and visit our bonus page

  3. Read our CS:GO guide for tips

  4. Use our betting tips

  5. Enjoy your esports betting journey

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First deposit bonus 100% up to 100€


First deposit bonus 100% up to 100€


First deposit bonus 100% up to 100€