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If you’re someone who has been following esports like Dota 2 for some time, you may not know the best place to bet on it. The same can be true if you’re a seasoned bettor and have just gotten into esports.

After reading this guide you will understand the following:

  • What is DOTA 2?
  • Which betting market exist in DOTA2, how to bet on those markets.
  • You will learn decent amount of betting tips
  • You will be able to choose best Dota 2 eSport betting site

Introduction to Dota 2

Dota 2 is what is classified as a MOBA game. It stands for multiplayer online battle arena. In it, there are two teams, the Radiant and the Dire, and each team consists of five players. The game kicks off with each player choosing a hero in a competitive picking and banning phase, from the 117-strong hero pool. Each hero is classified with different primary attributes between strength, agility and intelligence.

The map consists of three lanes, top, bottom and middle. Each lane has 2 different towers for each team that defend, all of them leading up to a barracks in either lane. Every 30 seconds, a wave of AI-controlled creeps will spawn and the heroes in the lanes will try to kill them for additional XP and gold. As you gain XP and earn gold, you can level up and buy more items to increase your hero’s power.

Some heroes perform tasks better than others. For example, a strength hero might be more inclined to lead the battle from the front, taking damage, and being the “tank” of the team. Agility heroes are more likely to do more damage later in game as they manage to build up items and levels.

Each hero will also have between one and four active spells on average and will be able to cast spells on other heroes and creeps to deal damage or apply different effects. This means, that with the 117 heroes and an average of 3 spells per hero, there are so many combinations that mastering the game because incredibly difficult.

The winning team is the one that destroys the opposing team’s throne inside their base. They can be helped by destroying the barracks in each lane, which then increase the power of their own neutral creeps, allowing them to push further into the base.

Top 5 Dota 2 Betting Sites

With all the information that you’ve read on our page at Fox Betting, you should always make sure that the online betting site you’re using is one you can trust. You should make this decision for yourself and not have any outside influence in doing so.

Having said that, we’ve got a team of online betting and gambling experts that have been in the industry for many years. We put together a list of the best Dota 2 betting sites for gamers to play and have fun. We do this for you because it’s also for ourselves. We’re bettors too and want to ensure that wherever we are playing, we’re giving the best chance to win.

As such, the online betting sites listed here are some of our favorites because they offer amazing bonuses, great margins and betting markets that cannot be matched, specifically with Dota 2 betting.

Get up to:
100% Bonus
Up to 100€
7 games
3.8 rating
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Get up to:
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Get up to:
100% Bonus
Up to 100€
7 games
4.3 rating

Dota 2 Tournaments You Can Bet On

No matter what is going on in life, Dota 2 tournaments will keep on going. Whether you’re looking to bet on the local Sunday league or something as big as The International, the best Dota 2 betting sites will have you covered.

You’ll see a wide range of online betting options at the trusted sites that we list, allowing gamers to choose from a wide variety of betting markets with the best odds, but still keeping you in the loop with live streams. You’ll find there is very seldom a shortage of tournaments to bet on, meaning that you’ll quickly be able to learn the game and start making solid betting choices.

Dota 2 Betting Markets

Using all of the information in Dota 2 that we’ve highlighted above is just the starting point. However, it’s a fantastic segue into Dota 2 betting. The reason that Dota 2 betting is so popular is because the game is so valued by its viewers and for some of the bigger competitions, there will be millions of spectators watching. This makes it a prime sport to bet on.

Due to the complexity of the game, there are a number of different betting markets that you’ll be able to take part in. These aren’t your traditional ones and require a modicum of knowledge about the game in order to successfully make bank at Dota 2 betting sites.

  • Match Winner – this is betting on the winner of the entire match, no matter the score line.
  • Map Winner – this bet is for the winner of the map. Most matches are either best of 3 or 5 maps.
  • Correct Score – when you bet on how the score of the match will be. Whether it’s 2-0, 2-1 or something else.
  • Correct Score Best of 3 – the same as above, but strictly in a best-of-3 match sense.
  • Match Handicap – the underdog is given a “handicap” that the favorite needs to overcome in the bet.
  • Total Maps Played Over/Under – this will be the total number of maps played, either over or under a specific number.
  • MaTotal Kills Odds / Even – betting on the total number of combined kills from each team. Evens or odds in this case.
  • Team to Score Most Kills – the team with the most kills is usually the winner. This could go hand in hand with another bet.

Tips You Should Follow While Betting on Dota 2

Just like any other sport, or even esports, there are a number of different guidelines that you can follow to ensure that you’re winning more often than you’re losing. There’s a good chance that if you stick with the right odds, you might actually be alright at the start. You’ll win and keep on winning more often than not, but your returns won’t be anything similar to what you’re looking for.

This is the reason you should know and understand Dota 2 betting markets. If you can, and understand the game and follow these simple Dota 2 tips, you should be able to capitalize more often that not, giving you a decent takeaway each and every time.

Research Every Game

You don’t need to research every single game, but the ones that you plan to bet on will net you far better profits if you’re able to research the game. Look at the teams, the players, whether they are using subs, how both teams’ last few matches have been. All of this information will make for an informed decision.

It also helps to know what heroes the players are picking and whether or not they have been doing well with those heroes in the past. Some teams will have a specific strategy that works better against other teams too. It’s unlikely that a carry-heavy team will be able to win in the first 20 minutes, so if there’s a strong early-game team, good money might be on them.

Bet on Major Events / Games

The bigger events will always have the widest range of betting options. You’ll probably note that the odds are quite good too, most of the time. This is where research helps, yet again. If you look at a team like OG who has won multiple major events, there’s probably good money on them to do well at another.

Aside from them being good players and having the right heroes, they also have experience performing on a stage in front of a crowd at the highest levels. This means that they have what many gamers refer to as BMT, or big match temperament.

Don’t Follow Scum Tipsters

Tipsters are the worst. Don’t believe a thing they say! They will more than likely always be basing their knowledge on information that you can garner for yourself. Unless they are talking about teams or players throwing the game, in which case, there are bigger problems afoot.

Esports is known for a few scandals in the past, but due to the popularity of it now, millions of people all over the world are watching and it just makes no sense to try and cheat or dupe the public, there are just too many eyes, not to mention it being highly unsportsmanlike.

Don’t Bet Just Because It’s Your Favorite Team

You should always bet with your head and not with your heart. It may feel amazing that the team you support has almost gone all the way to the major tournament victory but remember to be realistic. Just because all the signs are pointing towards a Cinderella story doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

You should always trust the stats that you’ve found and researched and take note of teams and players playing really well at certain points in time. You can’t count out a team that is consistently performing well purely because of a few blips in their history of gaming.

Bet Only on Legit Betting Sites

Perhaps one of the most important tips that you’ll ever receive. You should always be betting on legitimate online betting sites. There are loads of sites out there that will tell you exactly how good and trustworthy they are, but you should always look for dead certain signs that will tell you whether they can be trusted.

Look for sites that have the appropriate licensing for your area, trusted and secure banking options and a number of different games to bet on. Having customer support on call 24/7 can also be really helpful.

Be on Top of the Game Meta

The game meta in Dota 2 is important. The game is constantly being updated by the creators, and with it, the heroes are being changed for the better or the worse. This makes a certain pool of heroes more powerful than some others, or perhaps work better in some situations, thus changing the meta of the game.

As these heroes might be good at one thing over other things, that meta will change often. Heroes that are good at pushing will favor a meta that gives early heroes more power in the game. When carry heroes, or late-game heroes are more important, then the game will build towards a 4-protect-1 style of game.

Don’t Rage

Keep cool and calm. Even if something happens that is completely unthinkable, remember that it’s only money and you’re voluntarily betting. Never go into a sports bet on Dota 2 thinking or believe that you’re going to win. That’s when disaster strikes.

Equally as important, don’t ever think that because you’ve lost quite a few bets, you’re finally due a good win. This isn’t something that is real, and you should always stick to your strategy and play with your wits about you.

Don’t Try to Cheat / Abuse Betting Sites

It’s very difficult to bilk betting sites but some people get it right. While it’s not technically illegal to move around hopping from bonus to bonus at betting or gambling sites, it’s most certainly frowned upon, and for good measure.

Usually, the online casinos and sports betting sites that we recommend will have tip-top security and will usually prevent people from being able to cheat the site or abuse the system.

FAQ Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 betting and sports betting in general isn’t easy to understand. We’ve put together some of our most-asked questions from our community with answers that we hope, will allow you to take your online betting to the next level.

📌 What is the best market to bet money on Dota 2?

It’s hard to say which market is best to bet on in Dota 2 betting. It all depends on what kind of results you’re looking for. If you are after the best kind of odds, then you should look at betting long shots that you think might come off. Alternatively, betting on a “sure thing” is never a bad idea either.

📌 How do I understand Dota 2 odds?

Usually, the Dota 2 sports betting odds are explained relatively well. If you find that you don’t really understand the odds, then don’t bet. You should find yourself a helpful guide, such as this one, to read through before you start betting. You wouldn’t take the car down to the shop without learning how to drive first, why would you bet without understanding the odds?

📌 How do I get started with Dota 2 online betting?

We would always suggest that you start watching a few Dota 2 games first. It’s a great way to get accustomed to the game. If you happen to start showing even more interest in the game, take note that it’s actually free to play. All you’ll need is the Steam client, and you can start understanding why it’s one of the most popular esports in the world.

📌 Can I bet my Dota 2 skins / items?

There are Dota 2 betting sites out there that will allow betting of items. These cosmetic items from the game have real world equivalent value and players who don’t necessarily want to bet real money will try to bet items. We don’t usually list betting sites that allow for item betting.

📌 How does Dota 2 betting work?

Luckily there are a few online gaming streaming services that will allow you to watch the big online games live. Sites like Twitch, Mixer and YouTube gaming are fantastic sites where you can watch the games live and have the opportunity to place your best while the games are going on. This is where in-play betting helps.

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