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In 2017, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS lit the planet on fire. Before it even left Early Access on Steam, it sold millions and set off the battle royale gaming craze that we are witnessing right now. This FPS juggernaut exploded on cell phones not too long ago. 

You play as a mercenary in this game who parachutes to an island along with up to 99 other players. When they land, in a last-man-standing death match, players scavenge for guns, ammunition, armor, and other resources. The map of the game begins huge, then shrinks rapidly as the electric storm around the island falls into increasingly smaller circles, bringing players together as the game continues. 

With plenty of space for complexity, it is a basic idea. With 99 other people and just your fists, you land on an island. Find a pistol and remain in the circle. The Last Standing One Wins. Is playing worth it? In this review, that is what we hope to find out.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE has been dedicated to ensuring the fairness of the game and preserving the gaming environment in order to safeguard the interests of the majority of players and ensure a safe atmosphere within the game. With all the peaks and lows of online play, plenty of realism and strong results across a variety of platforms, it gives the mobile gamer plenty. 

It is good if PUBG Mobile recreates the geography of the island faithfully and allows you to use all the weapons and drive all of the original game’s vehicles, but if the controls are not up to the challenge, everything falls apart. The controls in the mobile version of this game are not as strong or reliable as the PC edition, to be clear.

PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC

The most famous and flexible mobile game of the year 2018, The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), was first released in the PC version. Over time, the production company chose to release its mobile version, known as PUBG Mobile, given the success of the game. There are some in-game variations between the PC version and the new smartphone version. The variations are in terms of game design and graphics.

Graphics are the first and only distinction between the mobile version and the PC version. PUBG’s mobile edition runs on low-end graphics, typically designed to take into account the world’s standard smartphone requirements. On the other hand, the PC edition of this game runs on high-end graphics that offer the gaming experience a relaxing touch. The PC version of this game is very interesting. Actually, the graphics of these versions make a big difference. On mobile, 480p can hardly be crossed, while shame game is available in high resolution such as 720p and 1080p.

Interior Designing

A Designing is a major key difference between the two editions, aside from the simple graphics difference. The design of the houses in mobile edition are quite different from the PC one. The rooms and doors of these houses, as well as the walls of the places, are common at PUBG Mobile. However, in the case of PUBG PC, inside buildings, there are several additional walls and doors. Moreover, the larger rooms are divided into several smaller rooms.

Awm – one of the most dangerous sniper rifle in the game

Game Updates

Decent launches the updates for both versions every 2-3 months. The main difference between the updates of these two versions of the game is the size of the update. Therefore, since PUBG Mobile is a 1.6 GB smartphone game, the updates are usually between 1 and 1.5 GB for this mobile edition. Whereas the PUBG PC is a 19 GB game configuration and the updates usually exceed 10 GB, the new Vikendi Map update was 15 GB. 

Training Camps

Compared to the PUBG Mobile training camp, the PUBG PC training camp, dubbed Camp Jackal, is quite a large one. A training camp is a venue where players practice their gun-shooting skills and precision. Newbies can also practice driving cars and bikes.

Guns’ Recoil

The recoiling of arms in PUBG Mobile is not a herculean work at all. It is easy to control unique weapons such as AKM, DP-28, and M416 etc. In PUBG PC, however the recoiling of arms is not everyone’s cup of tea. The recoiling method is tough on PC players. Even if you are a mobile pro player, you will still face problems handling the PC weapons. 

Frame per Second (FPS)

On PUBG Mobile, the frame per second (FPS) limit is 60fps. Although you cannot play on a PC with the same frame per second, it will not reach the 60fps mark. 60fps is viewed as unplayable on a PUBG PC. One gets about 90-100 fps on average and a maximum up to 136 fps. If you are playing on a Beast PC, the number even reaches 300 fps.

No Bots in PUBG PC

In the smartphone edition of this game, during the gameplay, one encounters several ‘bots.’ The 1.6GB variant on smartphones is built to make it easy for a Noob to get his first chicken dinner. You can experience at least 3-4 ‘bots’ in PUBG Mobile, even if you play in a group, solo, or duo. However, there is no such thing as ‘Bots’ in the PC game. The players in the game are usually real individuals who play with a mouse and keyboard very comfortably. The chance of battling with a noob is reasonably poor on the PC edition.

How Many People Play PUBG Mobile?

According to PlayerCounter, as of this moment, the Live Player Count is 1,086,789. There are more than a million players online. This game is rightly considered as the number 1 rank battle game because in December 2019, the official downloads exceeded 600 million. Moreover, by the end of 2020, it is estimated that 900 million landmark might be crossed.

Lastly, without considering the mobile version of the game, we cannot talk about this game at all. It debuted back in 2019 and has grown in popularity since then. Several versions of this mobile game are available, ranging from standard PUBG Mobile to its lighter version Player unknown’s Battlegrounds Lite. We have to rely on reputable third parties because Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store do not publish correct download statistics. The most recent number comes from this article published in early July 2020 by Sensor Tower. It reported that Player unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile had crossed 734 million in total. According to Sensor Tower, the mobile version of Player unknown’s Battlegrounds is an absolute hit and was the highest grossing mobile game in July worldwide. Where the normal PUBG has a declining player base, the active player count of PUBG Mobile seems to be increasing. Overall, it is considered as the best game of these years. With every second passing, new players are joining the PUBG mobile family.

From all the data we have gathered so far, we can infer that Player unknown’s Battlegrounds has been purchased or downloaded over 804 million times, by adding up to 70 million units sold on PCs and consoles with 734 million smartphone downloads. Moreover, Player unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile game is a free to play game, which can run on almost every smartphone ranging from 200 and above, it could run everywhere: house, school, municipal transport etc… In the same way, PUBG PC is optimized in a poor way; it leads to many lags during the game even on an $800 beast PC set-ups.

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